Hello and Welcome!

I am the WooFDriver The Dog Adventurer and a Pack Daddy to 4 incredible Huskies and a Chinese Crested! I fell in love with the Husky breed at a very young age loving their temperament and striking looks but having no idea of their independent nature, endless energy, and strong prey drive. This combination makes them a very hard breed to manage and properly house. That being said, when I was in a position to bring a Husky into our family I did so 20 years ago and this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I quickly found out why the Husky breed is one of the most abandoned breeds as Czar (my first Husky) was more than a handful, he had full-time needs. I was more than happy to oblige as I just loved Czar so much. Unfortunately because of his strong dominate traits I was having a time trying to find ways to calm him and give him outlets t o burn down his fire. I went so far as to get Czar a companion (our second Husky) Hudson to maybe give him the play only a Dog can give to another Dog. I thought this may help him air out his energy paling around with a new friend and “brother”. This worked to a certain extent but they both still had a lot of energy and their playing took an edge off but we needed something more. My choices were limited because they are a lot of Dog to contend with on hiking trips and long walks they want to go and when I was on the other end of the leash it took a lot of strength to hold them as they were determined to do their thing!

Biking2-1000PXPersistence and much research brought me to a product that would allow me to run them on my bike safely! I was not an avid bike rider but figured I would give it a try. this was the ticket, they tired after a mile and slept well with little time to be mischievous! The key was to give them an activity they instinctively know how to do (in this case running) and let them unleash their power and desire. Because I was on wheels, being on the bike, I could travel as fast as they could run and they could even pull when I put a harness on them, wow!! The greatest gift I could give Czar & Hudson was to let them run they transformed into totally different Dogs!! This lifestyle has further evolved into what I call WooFDriving which is giving a Dog opportunities to unleash their fire by engaging their instincts but in a controlled manner. It’s a training system that I’ve worked closely with a Master trainer to develop and customize for the Husky, but since it works for the Husky (one of the most difficult breeds to train) it will work for virtually any Dog. My training let’s me have the Dogs leash free, of course there are laws which we respect 100%) but there are some places you still can have them leash free and once more I have worked it out so at some farms and other large land areas I can have them off leash. You’ll notice in almost all my videos and pictures when they aren’t tethered to a vehicle to run or pull they are off leash:)

I hope to publish a book out about this training system in the near future but on these pages inside this website you can catch a glimpse and some pointers on to what this all about. I have many of websites and a forum to further indulge and even ask me questions and connect with others interested in Instinctual Engagement Training.