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In this animated picture I am merging Martial Arts exercise with motor control skills to move these Body Blades as I do a Front Snap Kick Motion. Body Blades are an excellent coordination and body efficient exercise as the goal is to oscillate the Blades consistently which requires fine motor control and can fatigue the muscles for strength training as well. I created this combination of exercises, and this kind of creativity is how I train and how I designed the iDOGetTame Training System converging proven practices yielding obtainable results.

I am a very physical person with lots of focus on physical fitness in my life with special attention to the psychological needs and effects of exercise effects on the body and mind. This comes from deep roots in the Martial Arts spanning more than 30 years including training under a Martial Arts Grand Master and Teaching on many levels, as well as many other fitness regiments I have engaged in.  Though the Human body is not the same as the Canine there are still many similarities and needs that are present. I have designed my iDOGetTame System to be a complete Physical and Psychological lifestyle for Dogs which yields many positive needed results for the Dog and their Human companion. This whole system, as is everything I do, is about BALANCE which is the symmetry of Mind & Body for both Dogs and Humans alike. A Dog unlike a human is not very reason or thought oriented but as most other animals relies on almost all Instincts to guide him or her. Humans tend to reason their actions and reactions which will hamper our efficiency and weigh on our minds long after any decisions are made. Many Martial Arts Techniques and even some Martial Arts Systems are based upon animal moves and their actions because of their instinctual body efficiency (how they move) and if we can train to to be as efficient, we can do more with less effort. With a Dog we need to guide their instincts and train them to control an urge to an appropriate level but at the same time not hamper their wilds but let them flourish and satisfy their needs (balance), hence my term Live Clean, Run Wild.   (Please see my TaeVerge Website Here)

I use technology to design and better engage our workouts. From GPS collars to interpret and monitor performance levels as well as radar guns and logs to measure performance levels over sustained periods. Diet and Recovery are also essential to any successful training and lifestyle. Of course before you would engage your Dog in any activity you should always consult with your veterinarian for advice and suggestions.

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WooFDriver & Zarro

Bill “WooFDriver” Helman
After a successful 20-year career has one of the most accomplished and well-known advocates for the Siberian Husky, Mr. Bill Helman plans to take his deep knowledge, well-established technical skills and unmatched devotion to his passion and projects into a wide variety of future challenges. One look at Helman’s accomplishments only reinforces the inevitability of success for his veritable fleet of websites that all focus on his limitless dedication to the protection and promotion of animals in general and dogs in particular.
Helman tags his site with the words “Living Clean and Running Wild.” The imagery calls to mind an outdoor spirit and a well developed respect for both the power and the refuge of the outdoors. Many of the photos and testimonials on Helman’s various sites are reminiscent of a lifestyle free of the mundane and the ordinary yet replete with the experiences of someone who takes his relationships with animals as seriously as he takes everything else.If his sites do nothing else, they highlight Mr. Helman’s unrivaled and highly effective ability to organize and categorize, and to develop knowledge into action. No doubt animal lovers the world over have been dramatically influenced by his multifaceted and patient desire to both instruct and inspire his audiences. It is equally obvious he has readers worldwide, and given the subject matter, it is not likely his readers are simply picking out a single article, reading it and moving on. The image of “Living Clean and Running Wild” is one that is far more likely to attract devotees than casual readers.The great progress of sites like Helman’s benefit America’s renewed interest in the plight of dogs of all breeds and all animals who come in contact with civilization. As a resource for those willing to educate themselves on the various subjects Helman holds sacred, his sites are frankly without peer. Even for those who are only tangentially interested in the subject, matter, the WooFDriver family of web sites is an excellent introductory resource. If animal care, animal advocacy and learning to care for all breeds of dogs are important to audiences, then Mr. Helman is uniquely qualified to lead the next new wave of animal advocacy initiatives.One of the more forward-thinking features of Helman’s sites is a mobile device app that donates to animal shelters based on the distance traveled by the user. One can only imagine the possibilities of hundreds or thousands of dog-walkers touring their neighborhoods knowing they are caring for adoptable animals at the same time. It’s an obvious advance, both for fitness-minded people and those who are concerned about stray and adoptable animals nationwide.After establishing a track record of unparalleled achievement in animal advocacy, teaching and inspiring other animal lovers like himself, building consistent excellence at each waypoint in his career, and acquiring a deep knowledge and understanding of technology and how it can be employed to improve the lives of animals and their owners, Mr. Helman has brought together tremendous talent and tremendous passion to establish a standard by which all other animal advocacy efforts may be measured.