Free Ranging

Imagine wide open spaces where you can let your Dog off leash to run and fun until their hearts content. Almost anywhere you read or anyone you talk to will say NEVER let a Husky off leash! And then there is the WooFDriver! Free Ranging to me, and almost all Dogs, is the greatest gift and opportunity you could ever give them. It is what their ancestors have done for many years. No leashes or boundaries just their instinct and their Pack Mates to guide and dictate where and how they go. This is the main key of how to let your Dog be Free WITH PROPER TRAINING!

free-Ranging-1250PXThink of yourself as an air traffic controller where you are the beacon and everything comes back to you. So the Dogs can venture an approximate distance from you and when they get to that distance OR a choice on a path where they can go in other directions, they should instinctively look and wait for your command to know how to proceed. A lot of trust is involved here but a great deal of reward for the Dog as he or she will savor the independence. This trust, with you and your Dog will build an understanding that nothing else can replicate as it will forge and strengthen your bond unlike anything you’ve ever known! You can Free Range a Dog using vehicles like the ATV I am using here which gives you the ability to be faster than them as well as access places you probably couldn’t follow them to on foot, but of course they can get to these places:)

Additionally when you Free Range you can create scenarios to encourage sprinting and racing amongst your Dogs. So you can get ahead of the Dogs and call them to you in order to engage their faster sprinting speeds for further physical conditioning.

Below are videos of us Free Ranging with the Electric ATV