FurWheeling is when the Dogs are tethered to any bike or sled type vehicle in order to run or pull. Similar to traditional Mushing but the Dog can be attached on the side of the bike or cart which gives them the opportunity to run or pull as they desire. FurWheeling is an excellent way to balance their energy needs because if they’re feeling strong they can pull or if they just want to trot along they can do that as well. This is a great sport for your consideration  also because depending on your time constraints if the Dogs need a heavy work out in a short amount of time you can gauge it so that they’re pulling more or if you have time for a more Leisure ride you can gauge it so they’re trotting or running more to teach them to pace and build endurance.  Also using hills and terrain when you want to build your Dogs muscle as you can head up steeper terrain with the bike and you will peddle to assist the dogs but they will have to still work themselves up the incline (just their body weight). Heading downhill will teach them to control their speed as well as this is a good training method to encourage a Dog you may be training to run with the bike as he or she will be coerced to naturally move with it. Teamwork and trust are all positive results that will be reinforced and practiced on this FurWheeling Activity!

Horse-Track-1250PXAdditional FurWheeling activities can include sharing an area like a trail or a track where other animals who are under guidance and control such as Horses being ridden by a Horseback rider can create competitive runs and exercise providing motivation and excitement of other animals like the horses to race and run with. This is also a great training tool to teach the Dog(s) to channel their excitement in a desired manner by competitive running and not chasing or prodding the Horse in a negative manner. Instinct tells the Dog to run and compete desiring to chase the Horse as them being tethered and trained encouraging them to run with the Horse.

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