Mazing Chase

The Mazing Chase is based off of an older Canine Sport called Lure Coursing. Lure Coursing which was designed for Sighthounds as they have extraordinary vision and hunt predominately using their vision to track their target while most other breeds are scent driven, more than vision, and use their noses to track their target. Lure Coursing is a Lure (a flag or toy) that travels over a fairly large area of land. This lure is on a string that rides a pulley system and is powered by a motor to move the string which makes the lure travel. Sighthounds can reach speeds of approximately 40 MPH so these machines care designed to move the lure in the 40 MPH range. Sighthounds are not supposed to ever catch the lure but to chase it for a loop around  the course. As this sport continues to evolve other Dogs have been known to enjoy it as well. That is how I came upon Lure Coursing, in my pursuit to find ways to entice and motivate my dogs to Engage their Instinct by chasing something that will have no ill consequences. Since Huskies have high endurance levels and can literally run for what seems like endless miles, I had to create a Lure Coursing System which was Husky proof (that I call The Mazing Chase) and you can read about how I did this on my WooFTEK Website Here.


Princess in HOT Pursuit of the Lure

Mazing Chase (Lure Coursing) works a Dogs prey drive as they can chase an object faster than they can run and focus all their intensity to catching up to the lure. Mazing Chase is quite possibly the most intense engagement they will do as they will engage all of their psychological and physical capabilities. Consider the sport the closest to hunting for a Dog that they were naturally built to do but without any negative repercussions because no other animals are involved and all these components are man made for Chasing and Engaging.

As some Dogs may not take to this Mazing Chase Sport because it’s more visually stimulating and again most other breeds are scent driven,  you therefore can simulate this sport with the use of an RC (Radio Controlled) Car with attachments (a lure) if necessary like a toy or flag to encourage the Dogs to run and chase it. this might engage Dogs a bit more than the regular Mazing Chase, in some circumstances as the RC Car is higher off the ground than the Mazing Chase Lure and therefore is easier to see for them. Additionally an RC Car is very portable and can be set-up almost anywhere to do a quick Chasing Exercise.

Mazing Chase Videos Are Below