Rest and Relaxation and Recharge often an overlooked aspect of proper physical and psychological conditioning. The true Canine athlete like a human athlete requires proper rest and recovery time. Even during as well as after any of these activities it is essential to give proper time to recover. There are many factors that contribute to recovery time such as age, condition, and weather etc. So you will definitely have to look for signs and learn your Dog on an individual basis always cautioning on the side of more rest than not enough. When we rest during an activity I look for signs from the Dogs when they have recovered and are ready to get back to the activity. So it’s not only when to rest BUT when to get back to an activity. This can be especially challenging when working multiple Dogs as obviously each Dog is different. I always rest until they are all ready to continue as when a Dog is recovered earlier and ready to go he or she need to practice patience while waiting for their Pack Mates to fully recover to get back to the activity at hand.


Taking some R&R&R on a Free-Ranging Run with the SnoRunner

I have actually created a whole line of relaxation music including meditation music to assist Dogs with their rest and recovery. Meditation is not necessarily the words that are being said but the tone and delivery of the person saying them just like being out in the field with your Dog, as it’s not always the words but it’s your tone and demeanor. Additionally this music can serve as white noise for lack of a better term which means that it can mask other distractions that may be present an inhibit proper resting such as when your Dog is resting and sounds from the outside of other animals and vehicles like fire enginesĀ areĀ passing by etc. These outside sounds might excite a resting Dog and could cut considerably into his or her much needed down time.

There are also other relaxation and therapeutic methods such as Canine massage and water therapies which can be extremely beneficial.

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