The Bond

Of course the most important part of anything we do with our Dogs is the Bond & Love we share with them. They are family and should always be treated that way but of course I don’t need to mention that if you are reading this. Throughout all of my Dog Training and every moment I share with my Dogs I am cherishing it as I constantly praise them and let them know that they are my Best Friends! This is the key to my iDOGetTame Training System. 

The Canine and Mankind bond starts with understanding. This is the understanding of behaviors expected, and how they are interpreted from both Dog and Human. These expectations become the reliability and core of our bond between our Dogs and us.

Successful training includes training ourselves as well as our dogs so we know what and how to interpret behaviors to better understand our Dogs and then be able to appeal to them to adjust any unwanted behaviors as well as develop new behaviors. The goal of any training should be, to become instinctual, and this is best accomplished by instinctually appealing to our dogs as my system does. This is what my INSTINCTUAL DOG ENGAGEMENT TRAINING AND MOTIVATION EXERCISE (iDOGetTame) is all about!


This is The WooFVest, another WooFDriver Creation!. This is part of my SWAT (Special WooFDriver Approved Tactical Gear) Line. This SWAT line are how I stay prepared for almost any situation. I use this vest when I ride the Dogs on the bikes as i need to be as hands free as possible to navigate the bike and Dogs and can’t carry too much as well. This WooFVest has built in leashes to handle all 4 of my Dogs at one time with the strength (because of the legs straps) to keep them close when situations arise. Aditionally this WooFVest has a lot of other built in features to navigate most situations we may find ourselves in.

We never want to get upset or frustrated with our Dogs. If something isn’t going as planned it is on us humans and we need to find another way to better communicate our message to our Dog. That being said I try to always be prepared for an unwanted behavior or situation as I am out in the field with the Dogs doing our activities. I have worked with them on a important commands to get any unwanted behaviors to stop instantly and also respond accordingly to directional commands which are all so necessary for the activities we do because there is a lot of predicaments we can find ourselves in real quick so a timely response is imperative.

An example of the situations that arise include farm equipment that may need to access an area we are Free-Ranging, so we need to yield to the farm operators and safely but quickly get out of their way. We also come across other animals from farm animals to wild animals and other Dogs as well. My Dogs need to be able to manage all these situations. In addition I am always prepared with the proper tools to keep all as safe as possible as well.  I carry the appropriate items for these kinds of situations for example if we would run into a stray Dog (which of course we do occasionally) I have leashes to possibly get control of a stray Dog and also be able to return him or her to their family if a tag is present. Additionally I carry a loud sounding can of spray similar to what would be used at a sporting event. This will grab the attention of a stray Dog or Animal to possibly help prevent any confrontations as well as repellent sprays as a last resort. There are numerous other items I carry to help me mange most situations even a Dog First Aid Kit.

Please Please Click Here to learn more about the WooFVest pictured as well as other tools I use (SWAT Gear – Special WooFDriver Approved Tactical Gear) for training and adventuring.

Most importantly is how I strive to  keep myself calm and conditioned to confront these situations as our Dogs feed off our energies and body language and when you lead with a confident and reassuring postures your Dog will feel comfortable and be less likely to take on a defensive posture him or herself. This is a staple in the Martial Arts as well as most sports to be as relaxed as possible as to not waste unnecessary energies and time but to be most efficient because timing is everything and a matter of seconds can make the difference on the outcome of a situation.

The iDOGetTame Training System is not to complicated or time intense to train. There are a few important commands that our Dogs should know and these commands can also help thwart a problematic situation. As I am demonstrating in the Video Header at the top of this page one of these commands is that the Dogs must understand and respect when you want them to remain in a “paused” position and if properly they trained will be very attentive for your release command. (As they are doing in the Vine Video on the top of this page) At the same time when training a Dog it is important to have FUN with them as to not make the training tedious to them. There are many ways to do this and as you learn your Dogs motivations you can work them into your training with him or her.

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